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Gerrit Reininghaus


💾 ✏️ Auszug aus dem Feenwald
💾 ✏️ Last Words
💾 ✏️ Makeup Moments
💾 ✏️ Outscored
💾 ✏️ The Election of the Wine Queen
✏️ Outscored - a LAOG about social credit scores and beautiful light effects Golden Cobra Challenge (2019)
💾 ✏️ The Batcave Golden Cobra Challenge (2020)


Golden Cobra Challenge (2019)

Outscored - a LAOG about social credit scores and beautiful light effects: Winner, Best Live-Action Online Game (LAOG)
Outscored is a LAOG about a group of kids attempting to apply for university, while having to rate one another based on behavior to determine a social score (very relevant!) It integrates the clever use of computer lighting. When played in a dark room, the colors from the players’ screens reflect onto the players’ faces, providing an unsettling look into the universe. Play is sandwiched between video diary sessions (vlog-style). We’re very excited to play this game over video chat!

Golden Cobra Challenge (2020)

The Batcave: Nominated, Judges' Choice Honorable Mentions
The Batcave uses one of the lesser known features of Zoom (the ability flip your camera in the Windows Desktop version) and uses it to encourage a wonderfully fun exploration of bats finding a new home. We think this is a really fun way to leverage digital play - though, admittedly in a fairly restricted platform. We can only hope our digital communication providers see the global need for us to all indulge our bat-ish urges and implement this feature globally so we can all play together soon.

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