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Nordic Game Jam (2020)

Sted: KADK, København, Danmark 🗺️
Dato: 16. - 20. april 2020

Del av: Nordic Game Jam

This convention has been cancelled.

Om kongressen:

Nordic Game Jam is a Game Jam (you have 48 hours to make a game!), but it is also so much more!

It is 48 hours of brainstorming, experimenting, coding, drawing and playing. It is an opportunity to meet 500+ other game developers. It is talks and workshops by renowned speakers from all over the world. It is an awesome kick-off-party where you get to party with everyone else. It is the best way to get to know other game makers.

Professionals, hobbyists, total newbies, and students are all welcome at NGJ. If you like to program, draw, design, brainstorm, produce or make sound, you will fit right in.

If it's your first time jamming, there is boundless help to be found from speakers, volunteers and other jammers.

If you have jammed many times before, we have a XP-Garden for doing impromptu workshops with other developers during the weekend.

We believe that games should be played, not presented. Last NGJ we tried a new format with huge success and we are continuing that this year. Everybody will play each others’ games and choose the winner that way.

NGJ20 will also include free toast, coffee and delicious snacks, a creative workshop space, interactive art installations, free hugs, and so much more ;)

For more info about NGJ20 go to our website:

Vi har ikke hatt tilgang til programmet for denne kongressen, så oversikten over spill er kun basert på eksterne kilder, hukommelse, rykter og så videre. Derfor er den kanskje ikke komplett. Send oss en rettelse.



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