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Blackbox Cph IX (2020)

Sted: Huset-KBH, København, Danmark 🗺️
Dato: 17. - 19. januar 2020

Del av: Blackbox Cph

Om kongressen:

Welcome to BlackBox Cph – a festival for experimental role play at the centre of Copenhagen.

At Blackbox Cph you can choose between a number of larps of about 3-4 hours’ duration. The larps will apply theatrical lighting and sound for controlling the play and several of them will be experimenting with other theatrical techniques. This creates a unique form of role play that has come to be known as black box role play.

The larps for Blackbox Cph are designed to be plug-and-play. This means that the demands for you as a player are at a minimum. To play you just have to sign up, and when you come to the larp remember to bring a basic costume, which consists of a pair of black socks, black pants, and a black t-shirt.

The designers of the larps will take care of all additional preparation. The designers have total power over their larps, they will be in charge of plots, roles, workshop, instructions, as well as controlling theatrical lights and sound, with a little help from us.

As a player all you have to do is be ready to follow instructions and give it your all when the spotlight hits you.

Pris: 100 kr. pr. scenarie.


A Piece of Meat Nicolai Strøm Steffensen Blackbox LARP
💾 A Rake's Progress Christian Schneider
Salme Vanhanen
Blackbox LARP
Beautiful Creatures Nina Runa Essendrop LARP
Controlled Remote Viewing Erlend Sand Bruer
Mark Durkan
Blackbox LARP
Deathville Joel Östlund Blackbox LARP
Existence Rebellion Åslaug Asgeirsdatter Ullerud Blackbox LARP
Hard Weapons & Soft Hearts Michael Such
Karijn van der Heij
Blackbox LARP
Solid Matter Nilas Dumstrei Blackbox LARP
The Ark Karete Jacobsen Meland
Martin Nielsen
Blackbox LARP
The Cat Path Jamie Harper Blackbox LARP
The Horga Dance Rosalind Göthberg
Eva Wei
Blackbox LARP
💾 The Monster Is Cancer Andreas Markehed Blackbox LARP
The Night Is Still Young Ida Foss
Stine Mari Haugen
Magnar Grønvik Müller
The Witnesses Nina Lund Westerdahl LARP / audio-based play
Twist and Shout Hila Grgory Meinrat
Talia Nirgad Hasson
Lian Yedidya
Blackbox LARP


Organizer Anna Emilie Groth
Organizer Freja Gyldenstrøm
Organizer Jesper Heebøll Arbjørn
Organizer Klara Rotvig
Organizer Kristoffer Thurøe
Organizer Louise Beck
Organizer Nicolai Strøm Steffensen
Organizer Nina Lund Westerdahl
Organizer Rasmus Teilmann


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