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OrCCon (2020)


Sted: Hilton, Los Angeles Airport, CA, USA 🗺️
Dato: 14. - 17. februar 2020

Del av: OrCCon

Om kongressen:

Strategicon welcomes you to Orccon 2020. Thank you for joining us.
Orccon brings you the widest array of family, fantasy, historical, and science-fiction board, card, video, miniatures, and role-playing games offered in California. The diversity of these games satisfies every gamer, from expert to novice, from adventurer to land baron, and from diplomat to field general.
We also offer a wide selection of game retailers and manufacturers in the Dealer Room.
New to the convention? If you have any questions, the convention staff will be glad to assist you.
Again, thank you for coming. Enjoy the adventure.

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PDF Programme [engelsk] (20,2 MB)

The program is available online but we haven't typed in the list of games yet. We could use your help - if you want to help us by transcribing information from the program into the database please contact us.


A Fire Grows in Cania Greg Marksnull
Lysa Penrose
D&D 5th Edition


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