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CREATE Jam 2022 - SteamPunk Fall Edition (2022)

CREATE Jam 2022 - SteamPunk Fall Edition

Sted: AAU Create & online, Danmark 🗺️
Dato: 18. - 20. november 2022

Del av: CREATE Jam

Om kongressen:

Steam! The future of power, today! By harnessing the power of evaporated water, humanity have found ways to soar high in the sky, heat up our homes in the winter and power a cavalcade of complicated machinery! Truly, where would we be without it? 💨

Get out your copper pipes 🔧 and top-hats with goggles 🎩 , and fire up your inner 19th century engineer for Create Jam Fall 2022 🚂 Steampunk Edition 🚂

In partnership with 3D Realms and Slipgate Ironworks, we invite you to what can only be an exceedingly inventive edition of Create Jam, from the 18th to the 20th of November. ⚙️

We'll make sure that drinks ☕ and snacks 🍿 will keep you hydrated and energized throughout the entire jam! And if you can't make it to Create, no worries! The jam is once again a hybrid jam - meaning you can join online as well! 🧑‍💻 Non-AAU students can also participate!

Sign up at: and don't forget to join the Create Jam Discord server!

Vi har ikke hatt tilgang til programmet for denne kongressen, så oversikten over spill er kun basert på eksterne kilder, hukommelse, rykter og så videre. Derfor er den kanskje ikke komplett. Send oss en rettelse.


Steampunk Barons


Board Game Award


Budget, Medialogy Pelle Bloch Atkinson
Budget, Medialogy Stefan Nordborg Eriksen
Digital Artist, Computer Science Maria
Digital Artist, Medialogy Katerina Kourkova
Digital Artist, Medialogy Veronika
General management, Interactive Digital Media Frederik Johan Dennig Becker
Keynote Speaker Radu-Constantin Matusa
Keynote Speaker Tomi Faludi
Marketing, Experience Design Una Súsanna Skaalum
Marketing, Interactive Digital Media Gustav
Marketing, Medialogy Lucie Kalová
Marketing, Medialogy Tobias Krogh Risom
Streaming and Discord, Medialogy Martin Dahl Sørensen
Streaming and Website, Medialogy Marcus Otterstrøm Hyttel


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