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Fair Tidings Magazine

17 - May 1996


Editor Birgitte Vince Heuschkel
Layout & DTP Birgitte Vince Heuschkel
Printing Skanse Tryk
Illustrator Birgitte Vince Heuschkel
Illustrator Peter Nielsen, Esquire


Page 1 Front page Front page Birgitte Vince Heuschkel Illustrator
Page 3 Editorial Whoopie! We're getting on the 'net at last! Birgitte Vince Heuschkel Editor
Page 4 Ship of fools
Naval storylines offer a wide range of possibilities, and characters have to cross at least a small fjord sometimes, don’t they?
Page 8 From the flint spear to the glaive
An attempt to summarize the evolution of European shafted weapons
Page 11 Do's and don'ts of the sci-fi worldbuilder
Easy-to-swallow basics for creating a science fiction campaign world
Page 17 DELPHI downtown
Page 18 After the apocalypse
They said it could not happen here!

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