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A Song of Ice & Fire RPG

A Song of Ice & Fire RPG

Based on George R.R. Martin's fantasy epic, A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying gives you everything you need to play and run games in the Seven Kingdoms using an easy-to-learn system specifically designed to evoke the atmosphere of the bestselling novels and hit TV show! The A Game of Thrones Edition includes the entire contents of the original core rulebook, revised and updated, plus the full-length adventure Peril at King's Landing and a gorgeous new cover by fan-favorite artist Michael Komarck. You and your fellow players take on the roles of key members of a noble house navigating the perilous waters of Westerosi politics and intrigue!


Hopp och minnen Einar Axelsson
(Per) Andreas Johansson
SävCon X - 10 år (2011)
The Battle of the Redgrass Field Charles Dunne
Itzacon II (2006)
Vinterns Jaktmarker Einar Axelsson
(Per) Andreas Johansson
SävCon XI (2011)

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