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Last Will

Front page for Last Will

RPG system: LARP
Genre: Intrige, Sci-Fi


OrganizerFrida Gamero
OrganizerSofia Stenler
OrganizerAnnica Strand


Last Will is a larp on the fading human dignity in a world run by money and consumption in which people can be bought and sold as commodities. The larp is set in a future where debt and poverty breeds slavery and slavery perpetuate the poverty. Last Will revolves around hope in a hopeless situation where the desire to create a future battle with constant fighting against fear and hunger. In a time when freedom every day is weighed against security and survival the question echoes – What is my value?

Ett dystopiskt lajv om en framtid i vilket människor blivit bara ytterligare en vara att köpa, sälja eller överlåta. I gladiatorstallet Jericho lever både de fria arbetarna och de som tecknat "livstidskontrakt", och därmed förlorat både rösträtt och frihet i utbyte mot mat, husrum och att få de basala behoven tillfredställda.


15. - 17. August 2014Stockholm, Sweden
2. - 4. January 2015Stockholm, Sweden


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