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As on by is held in

RPG system: Blackbox Larp Jeepform
Participants: 6-10 players


✏️Nilas Dumstrei


A group of acquainted people are woken up to find themselves to now be strangers to each other. Connections between memories and space are effecting universal laws around them.

Under a full blue moon The Greater Reality is seeping in from beyond. A pavement stretches down the block. A parking lot empty for the night. A growl in the earth from a truck passing by far away. A silhouette of a parking meter shimmers in the air. A wave creates a reflection in the empty space. An arm, a patch of knee, a quick glance, appears for a moment. Strangers looking at each other, exchanging emotions, memories changing their shape.

As on by is held in is a game about uncertainty. We will play with uncertainty and reflect it in our experience of self and surroundings. As a player you are caught between two places, not knowing what is your actions and what is something happening beyond yourself.

Content Warnings: Each player is talking automatically simultaneously. As part of the game mechanics it functions as a limitation to each players ability to communicate and also represents events taking place beyond the storyline. The automatic speech will be workshopped.

Costume (optional): possibly black or white clothing.

Presented by
Nilas Dumstrei (DK): I’m an artist and larper. I work with merging larping and social based arts to forward each medium of interaction. I have a background as a visual artist working mainly with performance and sculpture.

I’m very attracted to the strong engagement a larp facilitates. I find larps to have new discoveries to be made every time. I was introduced to larping in a workshop in 2010 entitled ”roleplay as a artistic medium”. I’ve participated in festivals and larps since then to learn and develop as a larper.

Played at

The Smoke (2019)

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