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Winters End - The Fall of an Empire

RPG system: Play-by-Mail


✏️Lars Andersson (I)
OrganizerLars Andersson (I)


Hundred of years ago the valley kingdom of Avalon lived in peace and prosperity. Then the first traders came from the Empire of Mathez from the other side of the mountains that surrounded the valley as guardians. The traders had found a secret trail through the mountains, and they brought new good and new ways of thinking to the valley.

At first all went well between the two powers, then gradually the people of the Empire made themselves known through the influence of many minor nobles and merchants. Years passed by and more and more power got into the hands of the Imperial lackeys. Gradually the Noble families closest to the throne started to fear for their own power and persuaded the King to take action. The King saw no other solution but arresting the most powerful of the traders and Imperial followers on invented accusations. Slowly the balance of power changed back to the old way. But then came the Imperial armies.

Thousands upon thousands of disciplined legionaries led by the Imperial Battlemages soon crushed all resistance among the Noble families that followed the King. Victory was total and soon Imperial Garrisons were springing up in every province of the kingdom. All the leaders of the Noble families and the King were executed and the eldest daughter and son of the Noble families were taken as hostage to ensure total obeyance of the rest of the people.

This is the way it has been for five hundred years. Yes my child, there has been attempts at revolt, but every time they crushed us and the Noble families grew even weaker. But then ten years ago, the Long Winter started. The sky grew black and snow fell and following it came a chill that persists until today. We have seen no summers, no springs and no autumns for these then years. And for each year the Imperial Garrisons have been weakened in protecting us and the Empire for the migrating barbarian hordes that have started to move south. Every year less Imperial troops walk the streets, every year the taxes grow to feed the Imperial armies. Now rumours are heard that the Noble families are preparing for the final war to free us each and all. But they all wish to hold power supreme and be crowned King of Avalon so not only do they fight the Empire but each other as well. I know not the outcome of this, but bloody it will be. Perhaps indeed we will see freedom and perhaps even this long winter end.

Winters End PBM pågår från 19.00 fredag till 14.00 söndag. Tag rollen av en ledare för de rebelliska familjerna eller Imperiestyrkorna eller som hövding för någon av barbarhorderna. Spelet sköts av Lars själv från hans centralt placerade dator. I anslutning till detta finns ett bord för strategidiskussioner och en karta där trupprörelser markeras.

Vid PBM bordet kommer det även att finnas möjlighet att kika på andra PBM-spels regelböcker, tidningar m.m.

Played at

SnöKon (1995)

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