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Switch: A Nazi Experiment

RPG system: Systemløst
Genre: Action, Drama
Participants: 2 GMs, 7-9 players


✏️Emil Damgaard Sørensen


You wake up, the year is 1956, you have one goal: stop the nazis.

As a university student you have decided to partake in a historical study. The website said: 'Do you wanna know what happened if the nazis didn't lose in 1945?' This peaked your interest and you decided to go.


In the game you will either play as a nazi or a freedom fighter, but at all times you have the ability to switch character. There will be 2 GMs, one taking care of the freedom fighters, one taking care of the nazis, you will all play on one map and will be able to interract with the other table trough gameplay.

Will the nazis take over the world or will the last resistance be able to stop them, only you have the power to decide the fate of the world!

Played at

ESFROAG (2020)

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