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The Northcott Gala

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 40 players


OrganizerMila Müller
OrganizerAndrew Russell


“Welcome to the Orchid Cottage! I see you brought your partner; and the children, too. I am sure you will all enjoy this weekend getaway full of lavish fun and extravagant enjoyment. Please pay no mind to the servant, they are of mundane heritage. At least they know how to clean a coat properly. Do come in, the banquet is served.”

As September comes rolling around, so does the anniversary of the deaths of Dahlia and Daisy Northcott, who lost their lives to the island of Avalon. In their honour, their parents are organising the annual benefit to raise money for their hospital: The Northcott Gala. Many wealthy witchards make their way to Shropshire to take part in exciting activities, to socialise with others from their class and to spend a lot of money in the process. Under all the chatter and laughter, one can hardly hear the roaring thunder whispering tales of things lurking in the shadows.

The Northcott Gala is a four-day larp event set in the magical world of College ofWizardry. Different to our big sister event, the NG is not set at a magical college but instead deals with issues in the wider witchard society.


10. - 13. September 2020, Haidburg, Süderlügum, Northern Germany [cancelled]

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