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The Gray Center

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 35 players


OrganizerLiselle Angelique Evers Krog Awwal
OrganizerLars Bundvad


The LCPI – the Lycanthropic Crime Prevention Initiative - is a subdivision of the College of Wizardry setting's Guardian Order. Their single minded focus is protecting witchard society from werewolves and the spread of lycanthropy, and their methods towards this aim are notoriously brutal.

This larp centers around the early days of a particularly feared unit within the LCPI, known as the Gray Wolves. They are werewolves who have enrolled in the Initiative, either voluntarily or through force, alongside non-lycan ‘handlers’, and the Gray Center is where these are sent for training. The Gray Center is not a pleasant place, and lycans who are sent there are systematically stripped of as much of their humanity and identity as the LCPI deems necessary for them to become the specialised weapons they need to be. Their handlers, similarly, are trained to overcome their qualms and reservations, accepting their role in subjugating and directing their bloodhounds towards efficiently completing missions for the Initiative.


23. - 26. May 2019, Rollespilshytten, Harreskoven, Denmark
21. - 24. May 2020, Rollespilshytten, Harreskoven, Denmark: The Gray Center 2 (rerun) [cancelled]

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