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The Call

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 30-50 players


OrganizerLiselle Angelique Evers Krog Awwal
OrganizerHalfdan Keller Justesen


The Call is a larp about werewolves, set in the College of Wizardry setting. It centers around an unprecedented summit of people afflicted with the lycanthropic condition - commonly referred to as werewolves or lycans - from around the world, coming together to discuss how to deal with the rise of anti-werewolf sentiment which is sweeping across the European confluxes especially. This gathering is also a chance to form, test or break alliances, and sway people to your point of view.

Will this be the formation of a new, united werewolf nation? Will the presence of militant and violent organisations see the radicalisation of more werewolves and increase the risk of terrorist attacks going forward? Or will pacifist elements convince others to choose the path of least resistance by submitting to anti-werewolf legislation and accepting medication to subdue the beast within? To pool resources towards finally finding a cure for lycanthropy?


6. - 8. September 2019, Rollespilshytten, Harreskoven, Denmark

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