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The Uninvited!

RPG system: Conspiracy X 1st edition
Genre: Efterforskning, Gyser
Participants: 1 GM, 3-6 players


✏️Brian Christensen


The house had seemingly been empty for many years, no activity inside or around the house. The owner – an old eccentric hermit who likely abandoned it or worse – died.

The previous owners were a lovely couple in their mid-thirties, with plans of starting their family there. Rumour has it that the husband apparently had stabbed his wife mutiple times with a knife, which lead to her death. He was charged with 1st degree murder, but he pleaded insane, and was thus convicted with a treatment sentence.

In fact, there are a lot of rumours that surrounds this particular house and area. A lot of unusual rumours, such as lights flickering when no electrical surges have been reported, extremely chilly wind on a hot summer day, and people gone missing in the area. However, due to the house being off the grid and the many various rumours that surrounds the estate, this could be a prime location for an AEGIS cell. As such, a group has been assembled, every agent carefully selected for the task, to thoroughly investigate the house and the various rumours that surround it, and report their findings back to AEGIS, and proceed with further instructions.

The group arrive at the scene…

Played at

ChopCon (2020)
ChopCon (2021)

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