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Birds of Yore

RPG system: Knave
Participants: 1 GM, 3-8 players


✏️Björn Wärmedal
OrganizerSkander Fanni
🎨Karl Stjernberg


Did you know that The Blue Ostrich created the world and that we can all acsend to the heavens and join its court of feathers and warmth? No? Well, you arrogant heathen, while we feel pity for your lack of knowledge, we'll always welcome those vary travellers and adventurers that seeks the true meaning of life. So, please feel free to join us, and please have some of this assortement of gold and gems, because we just have too much of it here in our ancient holy site.

The Birds of Yore is a true Fungeon written by the mighty Björn Wärmedal and illustrated by the colossal Karl "Skullfungus" Stjernberg.

Played at

KryptCon IV (2020)

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