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Escape From Innsmouth

RPG system: Dungeon Crawl Classics
Participants: 1 GM, 6 players


OrganizerSimon Sultan


You and your fellow townsfolk have faithfully followed Dagon, Lord of the Deep for centuries.

Praying to the old one has given many benefits. You never go hungry as Dagon keeps your nets full of the ocean's bounty.

Immortality also awaits for the favored, the privilege to spend eternity amongst your Brothers and Sisters in the depths.

You and a small group of faithful are now on the cusp of finally being ready to cast aside your human shells and make the swim to join your true family.

Unfortunately, one too many of the neighboring villagers have gone missing recently due to your sacrificial rituals, and their fellows have taken to arms.

Finishing your prayers, you realize villagers from two neighboring communities have stormed the area with the intent of killing you and all those who kneel to your gilled savior.

Your only means of escape is to make it to the shores of Innsmouth, where you can find safety amongst your siblings in the dark depths.

Played at

KryptCon IV (2020)
KryptCon V (2021)
KryptCon VII (2022)

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