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Up and Away


DesignerDaniel Greve
DesignerJacob Lindborg


This is a game of drafting and engine building. Draw bonus cards, avoid events or roll dice if you feel lucky.

Each player gets 10 cards. Place their player meeple on the race track.

All players select one card and simultaneously places it face up on the table.

Each card played has a pairing bonus. If the adjacent cards can pair with the card in play, then the cards pairing will activate a bonus and you get the active ability to make adjustments on the race track every round.

To win; build the right combos and select a strategy through the race track.

Then each player gives their cards to the player on their left and takes the cards from the player on their right.

The next rounds continues this process until all players have played all cards.

Played at

Aarhus Brætspilsfestival (2020)

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