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Innocence proves nothing

RPG system: Dark Heresy

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Snails on Speed


✏️Tomas Häggström
✏️Jonas Molin


-Inscription above the gates of Calixian Conclave spire.
In the nightmare future of the forty-first millennium, mankind teeters upon
the brink of extinction. The galaxy-spanning Imperium of Man is beset
on all sides by ravening aliens and threatened from within by malevolent
creatures and heretic rebels. Only the strength of the Immortal Emperor of
Terra stands between humanity and its annihilation. Dedicated to His service
are the countless warriors, agents and myriad servants of the Imperium.

There is no time for peace.

No respite.

No forgiveness.

There is only war.

Skaparna av ”Åtta personer och en boll” tar er nu till den mörka framtiden i Warhammer 40,000 i ett äventyr där två grupper får undersöka vilka hemligheter som döljer sig i Scintillas högborg.

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SnöKon (2009)

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