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Rotblack Sludge, or The Shadow King's Lost Heir

RPG system: Mörk Borg
Participants: 1 GM, 5 players


OrganizerKarl Druid


You face execution for heretical theft but a masked Seer, a Courtier of the Shadow King, offered you a chance at life. The King’s one true heir, his son Aldon, is missing. Without an heir the Shadow King will eventually be forced to hand his crown to his imbecile brother. Get him back discreetly and wealth, life and freedom will be yours. It’s believed Aldon is imprisoned in an infamous underground locale, a place no free man would willingly go. A place called The Accursed Den.

* Note that this is unrelated to the evening session with the same name, it's simply the same adventure done twice. Come to either the morning or evening session, not both. Unless you like metagaming, in which case NƎƆHɹ∩qƎ˥ H∀ΛƎ WƎɹƆ⅄ ON ⅄O∩ɹ SO∩˥˙*

Played at

KryptCon III (2020)

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