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The Witnesses

RPG system: LARP / audio-based play
Participants: 1-30 players


✏️Nina Lund Westerdahl


Voices whisper in your ear. Speak to your fears and your longings. You are in a bar, the people around you see you, but you are not part of their party. Or are you? From the shadows you lurk and long for the community. You see the livid loneliness, urgent desires and desperate hopes which fills any bar. The voices fills the room, and your ears. They tell you to act, step in and up, invite you or demand you. Do you accept or obey? And at what point do you replace the alibi of the voices with your own desires?

The Witnesses is an audio-based play taking place in the lounge in Musikcaféen during the party. It explores what roles we dare to play in social settings.

Played at

Blackbox Cph IX (2020)

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