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The Ark

RPG system: Blackbox Larp
Participants: 8 players


✏️Karete Jacobsen Meland
✏️Martin Nielsen


A group of different animals, all believed to be the last of their kind, set out on a final journey. How will they experience impending extinction? With sorrow? As an opportunity for change? Or as a chance to properly enjoy life because there is no tomorrow?

The Ark is a quiet, bittersweet, contemplative, and slightly surrealist experience, where we will use artificial smell as a way of directing the play. All players will portray different animals – with their own quirks and demeanors – travelling with the Ark to new and old corners of the world and of their lives and exploring being alone and together at the same time.

Played at

Blackbox Cph IX (2020)
Grenselandet (2020)

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