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Solid Matter

RPG system: Blackbox larp
Participants: 8-12 players


✏️Nilas Dumstrei


In Solid Matter nature feels like a breathing and living creature. You move around as a group of swamp-like beings, connected to and sharing the living world, but also apart from it. As you explore, you discover pieces of your past, places you had abandoned or forgotten. You will be dislocated, like parts of a body, to find each other again in new compositions.

Solid matter unfolds in a sound installation, where sound can be moved around like a leaf blowing through space. We will try listening to field recordings of different places as to a living entity communicating its senses and emotions. You will interpret and interact with the surrounding sounds as if trying to understand a language made of organic matter.

Played at

Blackbox Cph IX (2020)

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