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The Horga Dance

RPG system: Blackbox larp
Participants: 8-20 players


✏️Rosalind Göthberg
✏️Eva Wei


The Fiddler pulled the fiddle from its case and lifted the bow towards the dawning Sunday sun as the people of Horga got excited and forgot about God and the whole world…

The Horga legend is a traditional Swedish folktale and a song about how the devil, disguised as a fiddler, got all the youth in Horga village to dance themselves to death. Here told through modern abstract means, it’s a story of possession, virtue and sin, about following your deepest desires and facing what you’ve done while under the devil’s spell.

…hold back your bow, you fiddler, before we dance away our life and soul and bones! But no, he will not stop the dance until we all have fallen dead.

Played at

Blackbox Cph IX (2020)

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