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High Sk8ters


DesignerSamuel Howell


Have you ever wondered how life was in the 80s-90s living that “retro” life? How it was going to schools and living the free life into the neighbourhoods, while feeling the wind blowing through your hair while skating?

Have you ever wondered how the life of drug dealers was in the 80s? You’re probably thinking: women, money, luxury and so many other posh activities.

Well then, welcome to High Sk8er, where none of the above apply.

Here you are gonna meet a bunch of teens running around selling and taking who knows what and Carl, who’s a dad still in high school - same grade as his son.

The only thing they do is go to school, and spend the rest of their free time in the skatepark selling and taking some of the myrad drugs. However, they still need to be careful and not be busted by the police and hide from the family. Is your dad a police officer, helping you escape conviction? Or perhaps tony hawk signed your skates and now you're the coolest cat in town. Either way, play this game of strategy with your friends.

Played at

CREATE Jam 2019 - Retro spring edition (2019)


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