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SPQM 2011 GothCon

Front page for SPQM 2011 GothCon

RPG system: Mouse Guard
Participants: 1 GM, 3-4 players


✏️Kristoffer Holmén


PDF Scenario [Swedish] (0.7 MB)


"Its the Age of Silver and in the Mouse Territories a loose alliance of mouse cities dreams of the Golden Age when heroes battled predators in single combat and the poets sang about the deeds with voices fairer than the birds.

In this hack the players play mice doing in many ways the same things as in Mouse Guard RPG but with another social context and another background to the roleplaying. "

Mouse Guard RPG is set in a medevial society while this hack is more pre-medevial focused on culture inspired by early to mid republic Rome but also other cities of the ancient mediterranean area.

Played at

GothCon XXXV (2011)

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