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Fade to Black


✏️Kathaleen Amende


A surreal exploration of the unreliability of memory and the choices we make when we feel there are no choices left.

You wake in the Chamber, a place where you do not age, get hungry, grow sick or die. Your memories, however, become unreliable. You scrawl them into notebooks or etch them into the Chamber’s walls, but even then they are forgotten too fast to feel real.

Whether here alone or with loved ones, each individual has a personal choice to make: stay here or leave the Chamber and enter the Void. No one can force you to enter the Void, but once you leave, you can never return. You simply fade and all that remains of you are the memories left behind.

An exploration of life and love under pressure, FtB questions the lengths we go to in order to preserve what we know. It asks what happens when memories fade but feelings remain and the only way to escape another’s presence is to fade into nothingness.

Played at

Stockholm Fringe Festival (2019)

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