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Attunement - The Hidden Academy

RPG system: LARP
Genre: Action, Drama, Efterforskning, Fantasy, Thriller
Participants: 1 GM, 6-8 players


✏️Bjørn-Morten Vang Gundersen


The victors will always write the history, and war only benefits those who’ve won. Everyone in New Egetar knows this, and even though most of us are discontent, we have to accept that The Lightning War was won by the Oldkins: an aggressive group of Nuctor believers.
In 2072, almost 50 years after the first human Attuned, the world was brought to its knees. Before anyone realized what was going on, the Oldkin had destroyed large continents and eradicated cities, caused genocides and left millions of bodies in the streets. Huge Mass-Burnouts left craters all over the world, where the biggest cities had been, and within three days the world had been decimated from 9 billion people to approximately 30.000.
Today, in the year of 2157, the Oldkin are our rulers, and only Oldkin are allowed to Attune… Or, so they believe.
My name is Selkie, and I formed a hidden academy for those willing to Attune in secrecy. Believe me, we are plenty!

- - - - - - - - - -

In 2017, I created a scenario with guided meditation at the center of mechanics, and ever since that I have wanted to revisit that world. This year will be that time. :)

What can you expect from the scenario?
- Pre-written characters with an individual story arc.
- Meditation as a technique to help further immersion.
- A cool experience and a grand story.

What should you know as a player?
- The game requires you to involve yourself in the main story, and your own story (shyness is not a problem)
- The GM has been doing guided meditations for 5 years.
- It is never frowned upon if you tap out. If you need a moment, you will get a moment.
- There will be a 'calibration seance' to better your game-experience, if needed.

Welcome to The Hidden Academy.

Played at

ESFROAG (2019)

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