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RPG system: Dragon Age
Participants: 5 players


✏️Rune Sørheim


The Blight is over.
Despite being wiped out almost to the man in the disastrous battle of Ostagar, the few remaining Grey Wardens rallied the disorganized factions of Ferelden, and led the charge against the arch-demon.
The new king has rewarded the Wardens with Vigil’s Keep near Amaranthine, and inspired by their heroic actions. eager recruits are flocking to fill their depleted ranks.
Are you among the few being found worthy to don the mantle of the Grey Wardens?
PG18 Dark Fantasy in the setting of Bioware’s computer games.
The world of Thedas can be brutal, but rarely black and white. The PCs will be given hard choices, and must face the consequences of their actions, possibly death.
It is not necessary to know the RPG rules or the setting/computer game - an introduction will be given.
However this is best suited for experienced role-players willing to interact with PCs and NPCs alike.

Played at

ARCON 35: Laboranter og Labyrinter (2019)

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