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The King is Dead (ARCON)

RPG system: The King is Dead
Participants: 4 players


✏️Mikael Tysvær


The King Is Dead is a roleplaying party game for 3-5 players. It's designed for any mix of roleplayers and non-roleplayers, and it plays in the same time and space as a board game or card game, so it's a good fit for game nights. It's also great for a regular rpg group when one of the players can't make it. Look out, though! Everyone might want to play. Only thing that is required is the willingness to improvise and a love for courtly intrigue!
The king has died without heir. Civil war is coming.
You are warrior princes and warrior princesses of noble name
each with a claim to the throne. At the end of the game
one of you will be crowned.
To win the crown, you'll need to make a mess:
fight with your friends
ally with your rivals
fall in love with your enemies
You were born for this.
To start the game, you each choose one of the noble houses - the ancient crown, the rightful regents, the loyal retainers, the usurpers, the foreign power - and introduce your heir. You also each get a starting hand of cards.

Played at

ARCON 34: Weird West (2018)

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