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Eas, Bait

RPG system: Cyberpunk 2020


✏️Max Frankzen
✏️Pär Wirdfors


"I don't remember much from that morning. I woke up when a couple of men in dark suits pulled me up. The next thing i remembered, I was sitting in a cold white room, with a lamp in my face. I could see the shadow of a man behind the lamp.
- Where is it, Mr. Hawk-Eye?
- What?
- The box that you stole from us in Peru.
- I gave it to a man called Chadwick.
- We want it back now, and you are going to do that for us.
I have had better mornings."

Detta äventyr tar spelarna från Nightcitys mörka bakgator till Perus varma djungler, med lögner falskt spel och allt annat som hör till Cyberpunk, eller som vi brukar säga: Compat is not _an_ option, it's _the_ option.

Played at

Stockholms Spelkonvent (1995)

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