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The South Will Rise Again

Front page for The South Will Rise Again

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 5-15 players


OrganizerJon Back


PDF Scenario [English] (0.9 MB)


A zombie scenario, inspired by the Romero ‘dead’-movies. A good zombie movies is never about zombies. They are an exploration of something else, in this case what it means to be human. Over the movie series, we can see the humans sacrificing what it means to be human, in order to survive. In a way they are becoming less and less human as the movies progress. At the same time, the zombies are getting more and more human traits. In this scenario we explore what it means to be human, and what you are willing to sacrifice.
At the same time it is a story about change, and what happens to stereotypes when a socially restrictive society no longer sets the rules for who you are and what you can do. Through breaking stereotypes and preconceptions of characters we question who our characters really are, and what they are capable of, for good and for bad.
The scenario is set in the American south, to a large extent because we have many preconceptions and stereotypes of that area. You might have to play on uncomfortable themes, such as racism, sexism and power structures. But you will also have the chance to confront and change those structures within your group. To what extent this happens is dependent on the player group.

Zombiefilmslajv i den Amerikanska södern. Om redneckarketyper och vad som finns bakom ytan. Om mänsklighet och vad du är beredd att offra för att överleva. Räkna med våld, splatter, gruppkonflikter och
att lämna din mänsklighet bakom dig. Inga förberedelser, inga klädkrav och inga specialeffekter som kladdar ner.

❤ Lite skräck, lite humor och lite berättande. Samt en rejäl dos upplevelser av att förlora både sig själv och andra.

Played at

Prolog (2014)
Stockholm Scenario Festival (2018)

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