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Ring the Gong


DesignerBen Cassar
DesignerTobias Elleboe Cordsen
DesignerAgnieszka Loza


You are a brotherhood of buddhist monks living in a secluded monastery. As every buddhist you believe in reincarnation and value all forms of life. You want to get to your next carnation hoping to finally rich nirvana. But you cannot simply kill yourself since all life is sacred.

Instead you take baths in cold mountain rivers hoping to get a bad cold, and put stones in your shoes when walking in the valley to get blisters. Doing so you'll keep losing your health, and maybe eventually die. But remember! Be very convincing when you explain your "accidental" healt problems to your brothers.

At the same time, do your best to attend to your brother's wounds and other health problems. As a good buddhist you want to nurish your brotehrs and comfort them as much as you can. Plus you can't let them get to nirvana before you do!

This is a card game. There are 18 damage and 18 healing cards (all cards have assigned a level of severity form 1 to 6). A brother can use damage cards on himself either as a temporary or instant damage. The instant damage (placed in the middle of the table) can be healed by any other brother right after that damage card has been put down. The temporary damage (placed in front of you) can be healed by any other brother but only during that brother's turn. All damage cards can be cancelled out only by a healing card of equal severity value.

An instant damage card that has not been cancelled out causes the brother to lose hp according to the card's severity level. A temporary damage card, for as long as it has not been cancelled, causes damage over time - in each round brother loses hp according to the card's severity level.

All brothers have 15 health points. Once a brother reaches 0 hp he dies. He discards all his cards and gets to roll a die. If he rolls a 6 he reaches Nirvana (win!!) if not, he reincarnates and goes back to game drawing 2 cards.

There are two winning conditions:
1.Player rolls 6 when reincarnating.
2.Player reincarnates for the 3rd time


Played at

Nordic Game Jam (2012)


Nordic Game Jam (2012)

Nominated, Board game competition (3rd place)



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