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Intergalactic Pubcrawl

Participants: 2-4 players


DesignerGiuseppe Franchi
DesignerTejs Knudsen
DesignerThomas Hentschel Lund
DesignerAsbjørn Malte Søndergaard


Go around the system mining asteroids for fuel and crawling astropubs in this board drinking game. The board is made of tiles, which are also cards. Mine them and play them to move around and score points... but always make sure you have a safe asteroid in front of you to land on, or you will miserably fall!

2-4 player board game with fixed starting positions. On each space on the board is placed a card, face down. Two cards are given to each player.
Each player's turn is structured as follows:
- Roll the die. If the Asteroid appears, draw a card from the pile, look at it, then place it anywhere on the board. If the Mask appears, steal a card from another player's hand. Id the Skull appears, an opponent chooses one of your cards to discard at random.
- Move forward one space (mandatory), then take the card from the space you were occupying before.
- Player can play any number of cards from his hand. Cards have a number of effects: move forward, backwards, steal cards, double this round movement, double this round tokens. He cannot play the card he just draw.
- Every time player go past a starting position, he gets a beer token (and drinks).
- If player lands on an empty space, or a card is removed under him, he falls and is eliminated from play.
- When all players are eliminated, player with most beer tokens wins. The last man standing gets an extra half token.

Played at

Nordic Game Jam (2012)


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