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Beast Builder


DesignerAnders Lystad Brevik
DesignerSimon Cutajar
DesignerKristín Guðmundsdóttir
DesignerTróndur Justinussen
DesignerIoana Marin Media


Sometime in the late 1800’s Victor Frankenstein travels to the Orkney Islands to find the peace he needs to construct his next creation. He's looking for a new assistant, and you have all applied to the position. In the end, however, only one of you will get the job. To decide who will make the best assistant he has arranged for a test! Who can create the best creatures? Who can see the beauty of a giraffe with a penguin head and a wizards arms? There can only be one assistant, and those that don't qualify will serve as body parts for the next experiment. Who will be the next Igor?

Beast Builder – sammensæt vanskabninger mellem mennesker, dyr, robotter og fabeldyr og sørg for at få mest mulig ejerskab over monstrene.

Played at

Nordic Game Jam (2013)


Nordic Game Jam (2013)

Winner, Most Sellable Board Game



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