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Trojan Women

(AKA: Trojanerinder)

RPG system: LARP Nordic
Genre: Drama
Participants: 1 GM, 5 players


✏️Troels Ken Pedersen


PDF Scenario [Danish] (0.3 MB)
PDF Characters [Danish] (0.1 MB)
PDF Til væggen [Danish] (0 MB)
PDF Trojan Women [English] (0.4 MB)
PDF For the wall [English] (0.1 MB)


Troy has fallen to the cunning and violence of the Greeks. We’re not playing the Greeks but the Trojan women sitting with the children, waiting to be handed out as spoils of war. From one point of view, the women are helpless victims of circumstance and the Greeks; from another, the women are fighting a desperate rearguard struggle to save the remains of the soul of their city. “Trojan Women” is a theatrical but passionate freeform tragedy of grief, anger, despair and comfort. There are mourning dirges, ragged pieces of torn-asunder hopes and dreams, and there are Greeks in awful masks.

Player type: You want to play out drama about powerful and dark emotions, and to comfort and be comforted. Knowledge of Classical culture is not necessary.

This is a freeform roleplaying adaptation of the Classical Athenian drama by Euripides.

Content Warnings: The game contains dramatic madness, loss of family/children, rape, social violence and threats of physical violence. All physical violence happens off stage (that is, narratively only).

Presented by
Troels Ken Pedersen (DK): Troels is a veteran designer of freeform and tabletop roleplaying games, hailing from the Danish/Fastaval tradition. He has made occasional forays into blackbox and larger-scale larp, and his abiding interest is in identity, oppression and conflict. Some of his games appear to be fun romps, most of them will take you to fairly serious places. He is a great, squeeing fan of Shakespeare and Euripides (the ancient Athenian playwright), and he likes his tragedies more messy and horrible than solemn and stately.

Troja er faldet for grækernes list og vold. Vi spiller ikke grækerne men de trojanske kvinder som sidder med børnene uden for muren og venter på at blive fordelt som krigsbytte. Set fra én vinkel er kvinderne hjælpeløse ofre for omstændighederne og grækerne, set fra en anden kæmper kvinderne en desperat kamp for at frelse stumperne af deres bys sjæl.

“Trojanerinder” er en teatralsk men dybfølt tragedie om sorg, vrede, fortvivlelse og trøst. Der er klagesang, der er sønderrevne stumper af drømme og håb, der er grækere i rædsomme masker.

Played at

CONgratulations20 (2017)
The Smoke (2019)

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