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Greenwich Village

RPG system: Fiasco
Participants: No GMs, 3-5 players


✏️Thorbjørn Steen


Sex, Drugs and Anti-Establishment
In the 1950s and 60s Greenwich Village was the center of the bohemian culture on the east coast. Home to writers, musicians and poets. A place to experiment with drugs, sexuality and politics, before the hippies made it popular.

From the outside, it is a place of liberal values, acceptance, and free spirits. But in this playbook, more lurks underneath the surface. Drug abuse and debt. Rivalries over recognition and gallery space. Anti-establishment activists and closet communists meeting in dark rooms. Love triangles or pentangles groaning under the weight of free love.

When all this collides, the only outcome can be a fiasco.

Played at

Vintersol (2013)

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