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We Are Where?

RPG system: Tales from the Floating Vagabond
Genre: Action, Komedie
Participants: 1 GM, 4-5 players


✏️Christoffer Brun Jensen


In the beginning, there was nothing …
No, scratch that, it's been used. At the dawn of time, the Forces of Nature and the Laws of Physics were engaged in the creation of the multiverse (contracted by the Big Guy himself.) As with any construction project, there were some excess materials left over. When they encountered these, the Forces and the Laws tossed them aside into the corridor dimension that they had been using to travel from one universe to another. Eventually, all of this refuse began to ferment into its own reality. Occupied as they were with the main creations, the Forces and the Laws dindn't recognize the problem. When they finished, they went into the corridor to see what could be done with it. They saw the chaos that reigned there ad said 'the hell with it,' and then went home to get drink.

In time, Life appeared and and made this dimension its home. In a little while, some of this life (against its better judgement) became sentient.

That was what Spit the bartender said to you when you entered this bar.

But that still don't tell you "Where the fuck am I?" and "What the hell is the Floating Vagabond?"

So much adventure, it's just stupid.

Played at

MuCon - Muhlywood (2015)
RusCon 23 (2015)

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