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Ruins of Bonekeep - Level One: The Silent Grave

RPG system: Pathfinder
Genre: Fantasy

Organized by

Pathfinder Society


Nyttig information: Dette spil er for karakterer på levels 3-7. Du skal have en karakter inden for disse levels, ellers kan du få udleveret en pre-generet karakter. Der er plads til 6 spillere til dette scenarie.
ADVARSEL: dette scenarie er skrevet til at udfordre din karakter mere end normalt. Risikoen for karakterdød er højere end ved normale PFS spil, men det er belønningen for overlevelse også.

“An enemy of the Pathfinder Society recently found a hidden dungeon in a centuries-old siege fortress, but despite his best efforts to convert it into his base of operations, he failed. When a pair of Pathfinders encounter disaster while scouting out the entrance, the party must explore the first level of the dungeon to determine not just what attacked their comrades but also what dark power their nemesis nearly acquired.”

Played at

Avacon (2014)


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