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The Not-So-Phantom Menace

Genre: Komedie, Sci-Fi


✏️Andreas Fjord Larsen


”In a galaxy not that far away, a rogue band of misfits is running for their sorry hides from an unknown menace. Communications to the inner systems has been broken off, reports of planets suddenly silenced is spreading like a wildfire through the outlaw reaches, but so far, no survivors has been found. Refugees are cluttering every spaceport trying to escape the creeping threat.
Dispatches has tried to reach the inner systems to warn them, but all attempts has failed. Without the inter-galactic subnet, travel is neigh impossible.
Our heroes has sought refuge in a formerly abandoned space dock, now overrun with refugees and outlaws. Their ship is in dock for simple repairs and fuel, but both are scarce on the barren planet Terra.”

Played at

Bodega-con 2 (2015)

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