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Saving Selena

RPG system: Savage Worlds


✏️Magnus Nygaard


Being crown prince can be a lonely affair; just ask Telemachos. Growing up, the future king of Methone had little contact with other children his own age. Only the sons of lesser nobles, those who posed no political threat to the more important families, were allowed to become the prince’s friends. Of those friends, none were greater and more loved than Isocrates.
But as they grew up, life forced them apart. Telemachos was groomed to be king, while Isocrates had to earn a living of his own. He quickly made a career in a phalanx of great repute, and fought in many campaigns on barbarian Gardens, earning praise from those who fought beside him.
Telemachos never forgot his friend, and as soon as he claimed the throne he recalled Isocrates to serve as commander of the royal guard. During his journey back to Athens, Isocrates fell in love with and married the beautiful Selena, bringing her to the Methone court with him.

Saving Selena is from the book Dogs of Hades – the first book in the Garden of Athena setting. Humanity is scattered across hundreds of planets, each with their own culture. Foremost among these cultures are the Athenians with their god-given technologies they now rule large expanses of the known space.

Played at

Viking-Con 29 (2010)

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