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Participants: 6 players


✏️Tobias Wrigstad


Hardcore is about exploring what it means to be a role-player; especially it is about exploring the “it is only a game” alibi that we often hide behind in the role-playing community. As a Fastavalgoer, you’ve probably had your share of mindfuck, broken trust issues, and amazing, life-changing experiences through play. Play, it seems, is not “only”, a game.

The scenario seeks to investigate, through play, the concept of ”being hardcore” in role-playing games. Why we do what we do, but mostly how far we are willing to go in seeking the strong gaming experiences we seek. Regardless whether it is pain or pleasure.

The scenario wants to challenge you as a role-player. Each act, we will collectively take it up one notch—make it more hardcore. You may leave between the acts if you want, but if stick around for the next one, you’re in until it ends.

Each act is a themed story, connected with the stories of the other acts. The themes are derived from hardcore tendencies in both role-playing and larp. I will not tell you what the themes are, but they will include a lot of physical play. The role-playing will be intense, and it will affect you.

If you don’t like touching, this is not your game.

The game lasts between 5 minutes and 5 hours. Depending on how hardcore you are.

Played at

Fastaval (2011)

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