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Red October

RPG system: Systemløst
Genre: Gyser


✏️Daniel Bloch Christensen


Teacher "It's now nearly 800 years ago, the castle Red October was made by the English Sir Robert Corvin."

Students "zzzzZZZzzzz."

Teacher "The class will in two month, the 3 of October, go to England with me, you will be staying at the castle Red October for a week, I will be in the nearby town and I will come out and check on you from time to time."

Students ”wow a trip out of the U.S. cool. May we go to the pup then???"

Teacher ”you definitely may not. Now keep quiet and let me speak!"

Students "....."

Teacher "The owner of the castle will be showing you around and tell about the history of the castle.

If any of you a caught with a phone you will be sent right home to the U.S."

Student "WHAT ??? No phones, way???"

Teacher "There won't be any electricity in the rooms or phones, and the only phone is with the owner, this trip isn't just for fun, it's also a part of a test"

Student "A test??? What do you mean?"

Teacher "A test on how, someone like you will survive without a phone or electricity for a week, now there has been promised a surprise one of the days.

And the school will get some passports for you, so just go up to the office with a picture, of yourself, after class, and they will take care of the rest. And now get back to the books!!"

Played at

RusCon 14 (2005)

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