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Da Nigga Live

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 6 players


✏️Bjørn Porup Thomasen
✏️Ulf Porup Thomasen


Once again da nigga hood is in danger; da white man's tryin' to adapt da nigga moves' and time's dire, man! Da world of da free nigga's once again close to da end, and dere's only a few people out dere dat can save da hood.

I choose U:

Big Mama Shirley
Blue Teef
Miss Tee
Baby Joe
Cyba da Hype Nigga

Dese are da chosen that will fight for nigga justice and from being only basic nigga's dey will, through da use of slang and 'nigga juice' eventually end up as SUPER NIGGA'S - da most powerful niggas out dere.

So join the nigga ride and shout out loud:

"You's ma bitch and if you's out drinking I's gonna pop a cap in your ass..."

Played at

Hyggecon (2005)

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