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The Ultimate Massacre

RPG system: Aliens II
Participants: 1 GM, 15 players


Ripley, sole survivor of the Nostromo has been found by a Deep Salvage Team 54 years after the Nostromo-lncident, so naturally "The
Cornpany" doesn't believe her story about the Acid-for-blood-Alien, who supposedly should have killed the rest of the crewmembers, and the Alien Ship on the planet, now know as LV-426.

Later Galeway-Station loses all contact with the Colony on LV-4-26, and Ripley (to get reinslatcd as a Flight-Officer) must go out there as
a consultant, together with a bunch of welltraned Colonial Marines under command of the young lt. Gorman.

On LV-426 you'll discover that Ripley was right after all ................

Played at

The Realms of Roleplay (1990)

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