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The curse of Krügal Svylse

RPG system: Drakar och Demoner
Genre: Fantasy


✏️Peter Wrede


In a quiet town on the edge of the world everything is normal, the farmers are farming, the elves are singing, the dwarves don’t and the evil outlaw Krügal Svylse who robbed a lot of people and gathered a huge treasure hasn’t been seem for quite some while now. He’s probably dead, at least that’s what his grandson says. Suddenly it starts to rain. Nothing special about that, it usually rains in June. A small band of adventurers have taken shelter from the rain at the Inn of the Happy Piglet. Suddenly a Strange Figure™ opens the door and steps in, creating a puddle of rain at his feet.

Who is he? And what is that strange parchment he has under his coat? Might it be the map to the complex of Krügal Svylse himself? Why does everyone go “ooohhh” every time the PC mentions Krügal Svylse? Why does it rain so much? Do the Strange Figure™ have something to do with it? This and many other questions will be answered in “The Curse of Krügal Svylse”!

Did I mention it rains?

Played at

ForumCon (2004)

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