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Carthage Reborn?

RPG system: Vampire: The Masquerade
Genre: Action, Efterforskning, Intrige
Participants: 5 players


✏️Jacob Klünder


In the Aegean Sea lies the island of Xerxia and upon this island is the Cainite Free State of New Lacadaemonia. Founded on the ashes of a bloody rebellion to be the herior of Carthage's legacy, New Lacadaemonia is dedicated to the principles of Freedom, Equality and Openness. Here, there is no disctinction between Low Clans and High, between Elder and Neonate and Cainites "live" side by side with mortals, open and without problem.

This sounds too good to be true, but the rumors persist and so a group of mainly Brujah Cainites have decided to go to this island, each for their own reason. Come along and see if Carthage has truly been reborn.

This scenario is primarily for players familiar with the Dark Ages: Vampire setting.

Played at

ForumCon (2004)
Ba-Con (2010)

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