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Junction Zero Revisited

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 45 players

Organized by

Rekkevidde AS


OrganizerAleksander A. Gjøen
OrganizerGeir Harald Helgeid
OrganizerAnnmereth Nicklasson


After the Earth was used up, we found a new solar system, and hundreds of new Earths were terraformed and colonized. The central planets formed the Alliance and decided all the planets had to join under their rule. There was some disagreement on that point. After the war, many of the Independents who had fought and lost drifted to the edges of the system, far from Alliance control. Out here, people struggle to get by with the most basic technologies. A ship would bring you work. A gun would help you keep it. A captain's goal was simple: Find a crew. Find a job. Keep flying.
- Sheperd Book, Firefly TV series

Firefly larps have been very popular in Norway for more than a decade, and have also attracted international players because they are mostly played in English.

The setting of Junction Zero Revisited is late in 2518, about four months after the events of the Norwegian larp Leaves on the Wind from 2016, and about eight months after the events of the Norwegian larp Shindig from 2013. It is not mandatory to have attended any of these larps to play Junction Zero, or to have any prior knowledge of the Norwegian Firefly larp history.

Runs 🗺️

18. - 21. April 2024🗺️The old Dale hospital, Sandnes, Norway



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