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Welcome to Paradise v1.0

Front page for Welcome to Paradise v1.0

RPG system: LARP


OrganizerKether Sephirot


The year is 2029, and the global conflict that started in Kastovia have spread into a full world war.

The war that will end all wars.

Sweden, attacked by Russian forces late 2025, have fallen into disarray and the civilian population moved away from the cities early to avoid the occupying Russian forces.

NATO forces quickly via Norway and Denmark and the battle amassed in the center of Sweden in the area of Mälardalen.

Neither side won and the fighting grinded into a halt on the autumn of 2028 after Russia initiated several tactical nuclear strikes on targets in Poland, Finland, The Baltic States and Sweden.

What type of game is this?

As a LARP this is a game of everyday life in the aftermath of an ongoing conflict.

A game of hardship and strife.

A game of conflicts between different civilian groups and between civilians and military groups over the last remanents of supplies the world has to offer.

The fight against sickness and time to prepare for another terrifying winter.

It will also contain elements of keeping secrets from the occupation and selling out either side against each other for their own gain.

The strife of living on the run, fleeing from the fears of war and death.

In a milsim perspective this game has a couple of ways to play out.

You can play either at a member of one of the many outsiders that live and move in the outskirts of every community in Sweden.

Or you can play as one of the units of military that move around in Sweden, desperately searching for supplies, other units to link up with, spareparts for their combat vehicles or just a way to get home.

Its about finding resources, making allies to gain the right resources and defeating enemies that are after the same resources as your group. Part treasure hunting, lots of LARP elements in trading and finding out where the resources can be found, sneaking and ambushing enemies and long range scouting to find the more exclusive spots of resources.


2. - 3. December 2023Bockaby, Borås, Sweden


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