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RPG system: Ten Candles
Participants: 1 GM, 3-5 players


OrganizerHenni Sorola


Tags: For 18 plus only, Theme program, English-only

Styles: Serious game style, Rules light, Story driven, Character driven

Ten days ago the crew and personnel of lunar base Terminus-II gathered to view their first total solar eclipse from the surface of the moon. Minutes after the peak of the eclipse all communication with Earth was lost. The stars went dark. The sun dissapeared. Five days later the International Space Station broadcast a single, static-laden distress call: "They are here".
In the present, the situation on Terminus-II is dire. The solar batteries powering the research station are starting to run empty. Several sections of the base have begun to lose power, the life support systems are dipping into red and the base's degarding A.I. announces more and more of the personnel missing by the moment. As panic takes hold of Terminus-II, only two things are certain: time is running out. And Something moves in the growing dark.

"Umbra" is an intense, collaborative storytelling game that leans heavily on the themes of tragic horror and the opressive, ever-present threat of death. If hope, despair, inevitable failure and characters driven to the brink are something you enjoy, you are most welcomed to join this experience.
Characters are created at the start of the game. The game includes and deals with heavy themes, to the inclusion of which the players do have some degree of control over. The game is played in a dimly lit/dark space.
Accessibility: Darkness/low lighting; Participation requires listening to a recording that does not have a text version for the hearing impaired; The duration of the programme is over two hours without breaks; There are limited opportunities to move around during the programme Content warnings: Death, fear of death, loss, violence, claustorphobia, choking, darkness

Played at

Ropecon (2023)

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